Even some Republicans are baffled Mitch McConnell made sinking the Jan. 6 commission 'a personal favor'
The House is set to vote on the measure to create the panel Wednesday. McCarthy argued that multiple investigations into the riot already exist.
Donald Trump encouraged the Capitol rioters and so earned his Facebook ban, but the social media giant's rules are in "shambles" and need fixing, the co-chair of the network's oversight panel said Sunday.
Asked to choose from a list of six issues, 33% of Georgia voters named COVID as the top issue while 29% said it’s the economy.
Eighty-three percent (83%) of Pennsylvania voters say it’s important to reform Pennsylvania’s voting laws before the next election. A Political IQ survey found that just 11% disagree.
Georgia election officials say they are on track to finish their weeklong hand recount of the presidential race before midnight Thursday.
President-elected Joe Biden said he hopes Republicans are ready to make a deal on additional coronavirus stimulus after he occupies the White House.
A Political IQ survey found that 62% of voters now believe the worst of the pandemic is still to come. That's up six points from a month ago. It's also just one point shy of the high-water mark for pessimism recorded in...
The FDA approved the first at-home COVID test. Chicago public schools plan to resume in-person learning in January. France tops 2M cases. Latest news.
The board of canvassers in Michigan’s Wayne County, which includes Detroit, suddenly backtracked on Monday night and voted unanimously to certify the county’s election results after initially reaching a deadlock.
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