At minus 112, exposed skin freezes almost instantly. It's also the temperature required to store what's expected to be the first COVID-19 vaccine.
The president-elect takes office in 63 days.
With a win for President-Elect Joe Biden in the rearview and a double-header Senate runoff ahead, the Georgia campaigns are trying to predict what role President Donald Trump’s absence from the ticket will play in Republican turnout for the January races. 
Lindsey Graham denied that he asked bout throwing out votes in the state, an allegation made by the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.
Trump explored a military strike against Iran over an inspection report showing Tehran had stepped up the means to make nuclear weapons, reports say.
To deal with the pandemic, 75% of voters believe President-elect Biden will impose a strict nationwide lockdown. A Political IQ poll found that 15% consider such a lockdown order unlikely while 9% are not sure. Those totals include 40% who...
Trump has previously cut troop levels. These cuts would take effect by before president-elect Joe Biden takes office on Jan. 20.
Chuck Hagel, who was also a Republican senator, also says President Trump's moves at the Defense Department are compromising national security.
The Biden transition team has been shut out of the Trump administration’s coronavirus pandemic planning.
A new case by houses of worship challenging COVID-19 restrictions will reveal whether the court's conservatives are ready to assert themselves.
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