Democrats are grappling with how to avert a government shutdown while advancing infrastructure and budget bills at the heart of President Joe Biden's agenda.
Companies must pay closer attention to what they say after hackers strike, lawyers warn, as regulators crack down on inaccurate disclosures and Congress debates mandatory reporting of cybersecurity breaches.
Analysis: Centrist Democrats used to steer the ship in the Obama era. Now progressives are taking the wheel.
The "Suicide Squad" is taking the party agenda hostage to get tax cuts for the rich
Across the U.S., 4.4 million acres have already burned, compared to 2.7 million acres at the same point in last year's fire season.
President Biden is facing a critical week on Capitol Hill amid Democratic divisions on infrastructure strategy and high-profile criticism over a messy exit in Afghanistan. House Democrats are set to return to Washington on Monday for a...
Barack Obama and Donald Trump got "shellacked" in their first midterms. Early signs indicate Joe Biden might face a similar fate in 2022.
The infrastructure debate dominating Capitol Hill this summer is highlighting the sharp contrast between the chambers when it comes to the influence of former President Trump over the GOP.Nearly 20 Senate Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch...
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blocked the quick confirmation of dozens of State Department nominees on Wednesday morning, guaranteeing that they will stay in limbo until next month when the Senate returns from its summer break.Senate Foreign Relations...
Senate approves sweeping $3.5 trillion budget plan after punchy all-night 'vote-a-rama'
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