Barack Obama and Donald Trump got "shellacked" in their first midterms. Early signs indicate Joe Biden might face a similar fate in 2022.
The infrastructure debate dominating Capitol Hill this summer is highlighting the sharp contrast between the chambers when it comes to the influence of former President Trump over the GOP.Nearly 20 Senate Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch...
Congress is barreling toward a high-stakes showdown over the nation's borrowing limit, with neither party ready to blink.Congressional leaders will soon need to find a way to pass legislation raising or suspending the debt ceiling, or risk a default...
In the Cleveland area, a bitter primary election is pitting the left against the Democratic establishment. Near Columbus, a Trump-endorsed candidate faces a crowded Republican field.
Republican Susan Wright, widow of the late Rep. Ron Wright, had the endorsement of former President Donald Trump in the special election.      
Nina Turner’s move from Bernie Sanders’s campaign co-chairwoman to House candidate has highlighted a Democratic divide between impatient young activists and cautious older voters.
Republicans will get to weigh in on at least five members of the 13 member committee.
The measure passed the House in the last Congress but stalled in the GOP-controlled Senate.
House GOP leaders have expressed support for Stefanik, who also received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.
"I will do everything I can to ensure the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office," Cheney said after being stripped of power by her party. View Entire Post ›
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