The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development cut its growth forecast for this year but raised its projections for 2022, indicating that some output has been delayed rather than lost.
Product shortages also appear to have damped sales on items such as autos, restraining the economic recovery. Economists think sales could recover quickly once the Covid-19 surge eases.
"Mitch McConnell is as serious as four heart attacks and a stroke" in his opposition, said one Republican senator. "And I don't think he's going to budge."
A new White House council on U.S. economic conditions plans to hold its first meeting Friday, with participants to highlight at least 18 actions taken to help consumers and potentially lower prices. The council, an outgrowth of a July executive order by President Joe Biden, is aimed at refocusing the ...
A rift is starting to emerge between the chairmen of the two tax-writing committees on Capitol Hill over the size and details of Democratic plans to pay for President Biden’s broad economic agenda. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D...
Senate Democrats say a 2 percent tax on the money companies use to buy back stocks and tightened rules around taxing partnerships would raise $270 billion for their $3.5 trillion social policy bill.
The path of the U.S. economic recovery is looking increasingly tenuous — and that could further complicate life for President Biden, whose approval ratings have sagged in recent weeks.The August jobs report came in far below expectations heading...
Nonfarm payrolls likely increased at a solid pace in August, though the Delta variant could have caused the rate of hiring to slow from earlier in the summer.
Businesses have kept layoffs in check despite concerns about Delta variant of Covid-19.
The abrupt loss of pandemic unemployment benefits on a broad scale could have long-term effects not only for the recipients but also for the economy.
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