A coalition of over 1,500 environmental groups spanning 130 countries is calling for the upcoming United Nations climate summit to be postponed amid spiking COVID-19 cases.The Climate Action Network argued on Tuesday that ...
The United States has long hoped to keep climate issues separate from its disputes with China on issues such as trade and human rights.
Since recording began in 1950, rainfall had never been seen at the country's highest point until this past week.      
The Biden administration managed to draw criticism from both Republicans and progressives last week when it called on other countries to produce more oil amid high gasoline prices in the U.S.Environmentalists rebuked the White House for encouraging...
The oil company is considering a pledge to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050, according to people familiar with the matter, in what would amount to a significant strategic shift.
Automakers' expected quick transition from gas-burning cars and trucks to electric is a key part of the White House strategy to fight global warming.
BP, Shell and TotalEnergies are all pursuing multimillion-dollar hydrogen projects, often with government support, as they seek to redefine their future role in a world less reliant on fossil fuels.
Tracy Stone-Manning, who currently works for the National Wildlife Federation, has come under Republican fire for her ties to a radical environmental group when she was a graduate student 1989.
Increased demand for electricity and costlier natural gas have stemmed a decline in the price of coal, which has lost favor amid global efforts to curb carbon emissions.
The Enbridge Line 3 project would expand capacity and reroute oil through watersheds and treaty-protected tracts.
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