The White House on Thursday rolled out its blueprint for managing migration from Mexico and Central America, promising a broad international coalition committed to nation-building to improve conditions in key countries, matched with more legal avenues for migrants to reach the U.S.
The massive immigrant legalization program that Democrats plan to include in their upcoming budget would overwhelm the government’s citizenship agency, adding millions of new cases to an agency that is already running well above its red line, according to a secret internal study. That secret study estimated an 11 million ...
President Biden will give remarks Monday to the nation's largest Latino civil rights group. He's under pressure to make good on his promises to fix the immigration system. (Image credit: Susan Walsh/AP)
About 50,000 DACA applicants were left hanging after a Texas federal judge ruled to end the program. Many are now fighting for permanent immigration protections.
Aviva Chomsky Migration is a cure for economic crisis—not a cause of it. The post Biden’s New Immigration Plan Is Already Outdated appeared first on The Nation.
The White House plans to appeal a ruling that limits DACA protections for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children, moving immigration higher on the president's list of priorities.
It's unclear what policy shifts will pass muster under Senate rules that would allow the party's senators to approve the measure without Republican support.
When Gov. Greg Abbott announced in May that his office will build a wall at the Texas-Mexico border — and again on Wednesday when he visited the border with former President Donald Trump — he said a rising number of apprehensions by Border Patrol agents and seizures of the drug fentanyl made building a state-funded border wall necessary.
Vice President Kamala Harris will visit a CBP processing facility and will meet with local advocates during her trip to El Paso, Texas, on Friday.      
Blanca Martinez has been dreaming of reuniting with her daughters in El Salvador for three decades now.
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