A bipartisan group of Senators worked out the details on how to pay for a massive infrastructure plan. But it faces a host of hurdles in Congress, including from members of both parties.
President Biden is expected to announce Thursday that all civilian federal employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Latest COVID-19 news.      
The first official glimpse into the strength of the economy under President Biden comes Thursday morning with a government report measuring growth during the second quarter. The Commerce Department on Thursday will release its estimate of gross...
President Biden proposed Wednesday raising the domestic content requirement for a product to be considered “American-made” when purchased by the federal government. In what the White House hails as the biggest “Buy American” push in almost 70 years, the proposal would require that at least 60% of a product’s components ...
Aída Chávez Party leadership blocked an amendment to roll back restrictions on the amount of money people in the US can send to their families in Cuba. The post Democrats Are Sticking to Trump’s Cuba Policies appeared first on The Nation.
Chinese officials on Monday went on the offensive amid high-level talks with the U.S., blaming Washington for causing a "stalemate" in relations between the two countries.Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng accused the Biden administration...
President Joe Biden faced a number of questions, including on the filibuster, inflation and immigration at the CNN town hall in Cincinnati.      
President Biden just can't quit Ohio — even if it rejected him in last year's election.
Accusations of hacking and other moves by the Biden administration have surprised and angered China’s leaders, who are pushing back with punitive actions and vitriol of their own.
When the authorities try to impose uniform standards, they generate more disunity
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