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A key Battleground State is showing little change in the run-up to Election Day. In Michigan, the latest PoliticalIQ Poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump among Likely Voters, 51% to 44%.  That’s a slight one...
In Texas, President Trump is trying to make it 11 straight for Republicans in the Lone Star State. The latest PolitialIQ poll shows Trump with the support of 50% of Likely Texas Voters and former Vice President Biden with the support of 46%
Governments at all levels have had the job of protecting citizens, while also trying to keep the economy healthy.
After the debate, President Trump's campaign was hopeful that former Vice President Biden's comments about the oil industry would shake things up in Pennsylvania.
In North Carolina, Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham leads incumbent Republican Thom Tillis in the race for Senate.
In North Carolina, incumbent Democrat Roy Cooper appears poised to run away with the Governor’s race.  The latest PolitialIQ poll shows Cooper with the support of 53% of Likely North Carolina Voters and Republican Dan Forest with the support...
The latest PoliticalIQ of Likely North Carolina Voters shows just one point separating the Presidential candidates, with Former Vice President Joe Biden at 48% and President Trump at 47%.
Amidst all the allegations of voter fraud, Americans are overwhelmingly confident in this year’s Presidential election.
It’s a toss-up for Montana’s sole United States Congressional Seat. The latest PolitialIQ poll shows Democrat Kathleen Williams and Republican Matt Rosendale tied with 47% of Likely Montana Voters.  The poll, conducted by Scott Rasmussen, shows 2% prefer someone...
In Montana, Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Mike Cooney are in a tight race for Governor.  The latest PolitialIQ poll shows Gianforte with the support of 48% of Likely Montana Voters and Cooney with the support of 45%.  Gianforte’s...
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