It's the first of two gubernatorial debates to be held before the state's Nov. 2 election.
Georgia's secretary of state is using a sunshine law typically used by journalists to hunt for evidence of collusion between the federal government and civil rights activists against his state's new voting restrictions.
A judge last week ruled that DeSantis exceeded his authority by ordering school boards not to impose mask requirements on students to combat the spread of the coronavirus.
Wednesday, hundreds of bills passed in the 2021 regular legislative session in Texas become law including abortion and voting restrictions, a ban on critical race theory, permitless carry and more. (Image credit: Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images)
A Texas law that would ban abortions after as early as six weeks is poised to take effect Wednesday, after a federal appellate court's rulings stymied efforts to block the law.
“We must hold the line against these desperate attempts to destroy our democracy," a Democratic lawmaker said.
Two primary contests for special elections, one in a heavily Democratic district and one in a Republican-friendly area, will provide some clues as to where the parties are headed.
Florida's governor signed a new law that puts new restrictions on voting. Opponents have already filed lawsuits, saying it's aimed at suppressing the Democratic vote.
A Political IQ survey of the upcoming U.S. Senate races in Georgia shows that both races remain competitive and the outcome of the January 5 election is far too close to call at this point.
In a recent Political IQ poll of likely Georgia voters, 53% said they either strongly or somewhat approved of the way President Trump was handling his job. 53% also said they strongly or somewhat approved of the way Joe Biden was performing his job as President-elect.
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