Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has taken a slight lead statewide in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden has 264 electoral votes while President Trump currently has 214.
Presidential election likely comes down to Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania
States never count all the votes by Election Day. Absentee and military ballots, especially, are counted for days afterward.
Democrat Joe Biden says he won't ban the practice of fracking if he becomes president, but his message is getting lost and some union members in Pennsylvania don't believe him.
Senate Democrats Tuesday are using the Supreme Court's 4-4 divide on Pennsylvania mail-in ballots as occasion to criticize Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, who, if confirmed later this month will be on the high court's bench in time to hear election-related disputes.
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Trump by 12 points in the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania, according to a new poll.
Pennsylvania State Flag


Latest Pennsylvania Presidential and US Senate Poll Numbers Let's take a look at how close the 2020 Presidential and US Senate race are in 'The Keystone' State. Biden with a narrow lead Biden has a narrow 2-point lead over the current President...
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