“We must hold the line against these desperate attempts to destroy our democracy," a Democratic lawmaker said.
A Texas law that would ban abortions after as early as six weeks is poised to take effect Wednesday, after a federal appellate court's rulings stymied efforts to block the law.
In the race for Senate in Texas, Incumbent Republican John Cornyn leads Democratic Challenger MJ Hegar.
Wednesday, hundreds of bills passed in the 2021 regular legislative session in Texas become law including abortion and voting restrictions, a ban on critical race theory, permitless carry and more. (Image credit: Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images)
Texas State flag


Latest Texas Presidential and US Senate Poll Numbers Let's take a look at how close the 2020 Presidential and US Senate race are in 'The Lone Star' State. Trump with a narrow lead Trump has a narrow 1-point lead over the former...
Congressional Democrats bet big and early on House campaigns in Texas, but some Democrats are calling for the party to invest more in the Lone Star State.

TX: Trump 50% Biden 46%

In Texas, President Trump is trying to make it 11 straight for Republicans in the Lone Star State. The latest PolitialIQ poll shows Trump with the support of 50% of Likely Texas Voters and former Vice President Biden with the support of 46%
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