NPR's Noel King speaks with Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders about the $3.5 trillion spending plan that is working its way through the House.
Progressive groups are gearing up to promote President Biden's proposals on tax hikes for wealthy individuals and corporations as Democrats in Congress move forward with drafting a multi-trillion dollar social spending package.Biden and...
President Joe Biden’s signature program will start delivering monthly checks to parents on July 15.
GOP opposition to minimum corporate tax could hinder global effort against tax havens.
Unexpected receipts, driven in part by taxes on high earners riding a hot stock market, have prompted Republicans to push the president to spend on infrastructure instead.
Weeks after President Joe Biden pitched the first major set of tax increases since 1993, signs are mounting that anxiety among congressional Democratic will significantly temper any increases that manage to pass Congress. "We are trying to identify a...
Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan expanded the Child Tax Credit and allowed families to receive half of the payments in advance monthly installments.      
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