Senate Democrats’ new push to pass voting rights legislation is reviving tensions over the legislative filibuster, the biggest roadblock to passing significant pieces of President Biden’s agenda.Democrats rolled out a fresh voting and elections...
Democrats have a deal on revised voting rights legislation, but a major roadblock remains in the evenly divided chamber with Republicans ready to halt the bill's progress. (Image credit: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)
A Republican-backed group launched a petition drive last week to create tougher voting laws in a scheme to get around Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's veto of Republican voting proposals.
Georgia's secretary of state is using a sunshine law typically used by journalists to hunt for evidence of collusion between the federal government and civil rights activists against his state's new voting restrictions.
A majority of voters surveyed said they support passing such legislation without a filibuster-proof majority.
The most effective civil rights legislation in U.S. history has been upended by two recent Supreme Court decisions. States are moving to pass new voting restrictions nationwide. (Image credit: Kaz Fantone for NPR)
“We must hold the line against these desperate attempts to destroy our democracy," a Democratic lawmaker said.
COVID-19 and the Trump administration's interference have led to a major delay in the release of new census data used for redistricting. It's causing trouble with election preparations around the U.S.
Congressional Democrats are barreling toward a self-imposed August deadline to pass voting rights legislation while struggling to figure out how to break a months-long stalemate.Democrats have long argued that legislation must be passed by August in...
A large block of hotel rooms in Washington was booked with one state House member's personal American Express card.
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