What Your Political IQ Results Mean

Typically, those with the highest Political IQ are those are whose radar map goes further out to the edges on voting habits and news habits, but remain closer to the middle on social media.

Here’s what you can do to continue to improve your Political IQ:

1- Read more varied news sources – especially on the issues that are most important to your life. Don’t just stick to a one-sided perspective, see the full view of the issue or the candidate.

2- Social media is a great way to see what’s going on in the grapevine, but take every politically-oriented post with caution. Before liking, sharing or even supporting/opposing the point, be sure to validate the news against other sources.

3- And, of course, this goes without saying… get out there and vote! Use the knowledge you’ve acquired from your media research and from information about the candidates, platforms and the sample ballots that everyone gets before making any decisions on how you’re going to vote in the booth.